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Youth Religious Education

Mission Statement:

St.Martha’s Religious Education Program is a nine year initiation into the truths of the Catholic Faith, the Sacraments, Christian living, Prayer, and the liturgical life of the Church. Each year is a building block in the overall understanding and living out of our Catholic Religion. It is our hope that after nine years of formal instruction, our students will be well-rounded, active Roman Catholics who are prepared to live the Faith Christ has given to us and bring It, through word and action, to all whom they meet. St. Martha's Parish is firmly committed to teaching the Catholic Faith with loving obedience and fidelity to the teaching authority of the Church. Our textbooks (Faith & Life Series, Loyola Press) and curriculum are specifically designed to put forth authentic Catholic teaching. While our parish offers a well-structured curriculum to help your child advance in the way of the Faith, the curriculum is not enough to fully form your child into a practicing and devout Catholic.  Family prayer time as well as regular reception of the Sacraments (Sunday Mass/Regular Confession) is crucial to the spiritual development of your child and your family.  The Family that Prays Together Stays Together. Parents should never underestimate their role as the primary teachers of their children in the Catholic Faith. If you are a parent or guardian interested in registering your child for Religious Education classes please contact Mr. Matthew Burns, Director of Religious Education at 401-434-4060 ext. 6.

8 October 2015

Religious Education registrations are now closed for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. Parents with students who are in sports programs until late October are reminded of their obligation to see that students make up all missed work and attend a Catholic Mass on Sundays. Starting on Sunday, November 1st the 3 unexcused absences policy will be enforced. Any student with over 3 unexcused absences will be asked to leave St. Martha's Religious Education Program. This policy is enforced out of fairness to both the teachers and students who are in attendance on a consistent basis. The success of our Program and your child's Faith life relies heavily on your commitment to see that students attend class and Holy Mass regularly. Absences can be reported by calling the religious education office and leaving a brief message with the name and grade of the student. Please contact Mr. Matthew Burns with any questions or concerns.


Two informational meetings will be held for parents with students enrolled in the St. Martha's Religious Education Program. These meetings will take place on Sunday, November 15th at the regularly scheduled class times. Parents with students in grades 1-5 are asked to attend the morning meeting from 9:45-10:45AM. Parents with students in grades 6-9 are asked to attend the evening meeting from 6:00-7:00PM. Parents with students in both sections can go to either meeting. The goal of these meetings is to inform parents about the goals and requirements of our Religious Education Program and also to boost Parish involvement. Please call Matthew Burns at the Religious Education Office for more details or concerns.