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Brainstorming Committee

The mission of the Brainstorming Committee is to:

  1. Make the parish of St Martha more inviting by presenting a positive image in the social media; be creative in offering opportunities for becoming involved in parish functions (i.e. volunteer requests); and be aggressive in promoting the functions of the parish.

  2. Promote community building that is unique to a Catholic Parish to promote parish growth.

  3. Foster the spirituality growth of parishioners.

  4. Develop leaders in the parish.

  5. Aggressively advertise and expose the activities that are already underway in our parish.

The brainstorming committee is to review the activities of the events planning committees, the Spiritual Life Committee, the St Vincent de Paul committee, the pro-life effort and the Rosary and Altar activities to ensure that they are complementary and present a cohesive parish game plan.